Posted by: cliveneeson | January 13, 2013


4 months ago

Last Paradise DVD available now in NZ: The quintessential story of adventure.  In shops and easy order on   web site:

8 months ago

Last Paradise New Zealand cinema tour going strong

Since being awarded as the Best New Zealand  Film at the NZ International film festival, Last Paradise is screening in NZ cinemas. Festival and cinema tours are  planned over the next 3 years in  Austraia USA, Canada, Europe. See web site for details.
9 months ago

Last Paradise a favoutite in Banff world tour

Last Paradise is currently one of the hot favourites in The Banff Mountain Film festival which is touring 300 cities world wide. A 30 minute teaser of the film will give a taste of the 100 feature film which will also tour the world over the next 2 years beginning in NZ May, and Australia and California later this year. Screenings info, including festivals in USA, Asia and Europe will be posted on web site and updates on facebook page:
10  months ago