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For Cinemas and press, all you need should be below, otherwise, please contact us.



Link for Official online trailer

Link for Trailer (with environmental intro)

Download Official trailer in HD for your Web site


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Posters, flyers, cinema handouts, QR codes

Music and sound bytes for radio shows

Press Kit (EPK) & synopsis for cinemas

Adverts for Press & Cinema

Press photos

Press stories

Director Bio


Interview of Clive Neeson, director of “Last Paradise” by Kiwi FM

Interview of Clive Neeson,” Last Paradise” on TVNZ Breakfast show

TVNZ “Close Up” show reviews “Last Paradise” film

LAST PARADISE an inspiring educational film – Professor Adam Green

Hawaii Reporter on the story and messages behind LAST PARADISE


Discovering the surf of Raglan in New Zealand 1960s

Pioneering the world’s most amazing glacier before climate change

First wave & climate prediction 1970’s

Pioneering the ultimate board technology

Kiristin Boese women World Kiteboarding Champ on creating your dream

Innovation of Extreme riding – a taste

For more media material and content, see our REVIEWS page for  articles and interviews.

For creating your Cinema programs,  see poster and  official photo above. For  synopsis see the press kit  (EPK) above.