Last Paradise

Rating: G
Released by Madman Home Ent

This doco from film maker Clive Neeson pretty much sums up why NZ’s become the extreme sports mecca of the world.

Pulling together archive footage and traditional talking heads interviews, it takes a look back at why and how Aotearoa became the go to place for those seeking a thrill and looking for something – other than the scenery – to leave the heart pumping.

From home video footage of tyre rolling, boarding, kids on trolleys being pulled by horses to AJ Hackett bungying off the Eiffel Tower, there’s plenty to see here in this charming nostalgic look at what’s shaped a major part of our tourism world.

However, it’s not just that; there’s a curiosity factor of seeing the first surfers in action and you end up marveling at those who set the pace.

A clever celebration of Kiwi ingenuity and a sparkling look at what shaped an industry, Last Paradise, while at times being a little more than a sports show promo (complete with slow mo footage), is a fascinating glimpse into why this is the best country in the world.


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